If someone you love is a sex or love addict, there are resources for you too. You can start by reading Addicted to Sex? Addicted to Love? Information About S.L.A.A. for You or Someone You Love.

Often family and friends want to attend meetings with their loved one to learn more and to give support. Members and newcomers are allowed to bring a guest for this purpose, but only temporarily and only to meetings that are open. You can find open meetings on the Meeting Schedule page.

Support Groups for Family and Friends of Sex or Love Addicts:

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous neither endorses nor recommends the following organizations; their sites are identified only to provide individuals with the opportunity to learn about other Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition recovery groups dealing with addiction to sex, love, and relationships.

COSLAA Codependents of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (COSLAA)

Codependents of Sexual Addiction (COSA)

S-ANON International Family Groups